Death of a Dream

Today I am stepping outside of the romance arena to share with you a poem I wrote, titled Death of a Dream. I would never classify myself as a poet, for my abilities as a writer are better suited for creating angsty, f’d up, love stories. However, as a huge fan of prose, I’ve decided to abandon my comfort zone, see what I can come up with, and maybe learn a thing or two about myself in the process. The result is below, an exercise in rhyming, sing-song syntax. It comes from a very personal place, and perhaps some of the words will hold meaning for you as well.


Death of a Dream

A gift from the start
With the grace in her heart
A dancer was born from a girl

With pigtails, then braces
She kept up her paces
Perfecting her pirouette twirl

Soon a passion, a dream
Through the eyes of a teen
Set its sights on the stage of adventure

While on oceans of glass
She danced from the past
While her feet contemplated the future

With each of draw of the curtain
The prospects looked certain
To comfort and sooth and to mend her

So she danced in the rain
And it doused all the pain
Leaving nothing but beauty and splendor


Opportunity knocked
And the moment was clocked
All she needed to do was to get there

So she shared her good fortune
While spinning dehors en
Good posture and spirits to spare

But the sludge from a teacher
Was slung just to reach her
Guised as wisdom and prudence

Disproportionate form
Too far strayed from the norm
Would ne’er a dancer influence

And she stood at the door
Set to even the score
Foul syntax wedged in-between

Her confidence shorn
Feigning ligaments torn
A grace undeserved to be seen

So with words in her head
And a passion that bled
Dispensing the tears that would flee

A sharp catch of breath
As she mourned the slow death
Of a dream that was not to be


Moral of the story: Don’t ever let the insensitivity of others hold influence over your dreams. They are yours and yours alone. Own them. Live them. Breathe them. And be happy.


S A Healey, a happily married mother of two, is and will forever remain, a sucker for romance. You can currently read her first novel, Empty Me Out, for free on Wattpad.


3 thoughts on “Death of a Dream

  1. More than not letting others to deviated from your dreams, the moral I see is like you hsve to go thru a whole lotta struggling to pursue your dreams and prevail.

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