At My Fingertips


It happened
Against the nocturnal blush
Of the whispering sky
My eyes lost
In its infinite blackness
Until I suddenly found myself
Up in those stars
And again in the shadows
That melded and danced
Beneath the brooding trees
And I caught an epiphany
On the wind
As it thickened my hair
Leaving its debris
Until it was all I could feel
And I knew I’d never formulate
The proper words
To translate such a moment
But I longed to write them anyway
And I continued to gaze above me
Absorbing the vastness of the universe
Mind bent by the notion
That I was something
So very small
Inside of something larger than life
Yet comforted by that special nook
Carved out for me
Amid the diamond flickers
Pirouetting like a billion souls in flight
And though I’d forever yearn
And though I’d forever dream
For things I couldn’t yet reach
Still I’d live this life
And still I’d feel this life
As it hummed along my skin
And rattled my bones
Like claps of thunder
Awakened and unencumbered
By an intense clarity
That everything I ever wanted
Or needed
Was always there
Right at my fingertips


S A Healey, a happily married mother of two, is and will forever remain, a lover of words and a sucker for romance. You can find out more about her novels and other works at


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