Seductive Quill


She writes
In succumb
To the thrum
Of a sinister
Distorted base
Thoughts swelling
In midnight blue
Limbo states of want
Fingers twitching
With molten maledictions
Ten interminable storms
In elemental digression
Hurling metaphors
Against the clogs
Of a caged mind
Cracking the code
Wetting the plume
Drowning her
In colloquy
Its delicious brutality
A kiss
That was years
In the making
A most exquisite
Brand of torture
Born from the emergence
Of her truest self
In the push
Behind the quill


S A Healey,Β a happily married mother of two, is and will forever remain, a lover of words and a sucker for romance. You can find out more about her novels and other works at


14 thoughts on “Seductive Quill

  1. Ms Healey, you are a master at word craft and a sensual soul with so much beauty to share. The power of your word choices, and the way you paint them together into a potent masterpiece…it’s really remarkable. Thank you.

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