Bios immediately put me in a panic, but here it goes…

As somewhat of an unconventional romance writer, my mission is to create stories with flawed, complex characters that leave readers guessing until the very last chapter.

My books tend to be: Young Adult, New Adult, and Contemporary Romance. They are frequently angst-ridden. Sometimes they have happy endings…

Or not.

It’s all up to the characters. I simply take their lead and hope for the best.

My Amazon bestselling debut novel and 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards third place winner in New Adult Fiction, EMPTY ME OUT, is available wherever eBooks are sold.

When my pen is at rest, I enjoy an active family life with my amazing husband and children. I can also often be found with my feet in the sand, my nose in a book, and a song in my head.

You can find out more about my books and other projects by visiting http://www.sahealey.com.






9 thoughts on “About

    • Well, I love your blog, so it was my pleasure! So glad I stumbled upon it! And thank you as well for the lovely visit and for the kind and thoughtful comments 🙂

  1. Hi Sue,
    Loved this line – “I can also often be found with my feet in the sand, my nose in a book, and a song in my head.” So happy you do that! Get your heart to sing along in a duet? Ha!

    Just wanted You to know, as I forgot to update You (on your article), that the Sun Ray contact is out on maternity leave and I didn’t like the response from the person pinch hitting for her. So I will pitch it to her when she gets back.
    I’m thinking that You should really seriously think about submitting this to AARP’s monthly magazine and People and a host of other magazines. That article is really super! Don’t let it sit on the shelf and gather dust – Please!!

    And, I wanted to personally thank You so very much for taking Your time to read/view/like so very many of my poems on my site. I have been so pleased to see you in my email alerts!!
    I hope You found my poems worthy of the investment of Your time!

  2. Your latest Blog was refreshing. I am glad you took the time for yourself to collect your “thought” and reinvigorate your passion: writing and development of exceptional characters. I’m looking forward to your work in 2018.

    Happy holidays to you and your family.


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